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How much does it cost to use PAGE?

It’s totally free to use PAGE. But what you will have to pay for are the services you purchase – these costs will depend on the service provider you choose. Your PAGE agent will be able to give you an outline of costs.  

How does payment work?

Depending on what products and services you purchase, payments can be made by:

  • The PAGE shopping cart which accepts the following payment methods:
    • Credit card
    • eWallets
  • Or you will be directly linked to the third party provider website.

Do I pay for my services now or later?

Most payments will be made upon exit of the PAGE portal (we have a shopping cart you will check out of), but for some ongoing payments such as subscriptions, then these may be through direct debit or other payment methods.

Your PAGE agent can help you work this out.

Still need help?

Our team is here to help.