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How can I manage my services?

Once you’ve chosen your services, you will be directly in touch with the provider. They will then help you with the setup and management of that service from that point on.

How long do I need to wait until my services are active?

You can arrange services like accommodation and airport transfers before you arrive in your destination country.

Other services will be arranged and activated when you arrive.

Will I need to access any websites outside of the PAGE?

Yes, some service providers require that you access an external website before you can use their service. (e.g. banks). You may be sent additional login details to use an external website.

Do I have to use all services on PAGE?

Of course you don’t! Just choose the services that are best for you or that you think you need. You can always come back if you decide there’s something else you need.

Still need help?

Our team is here to help.